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Floating Fun

A relaxing adventure, but look out for rapids!
Enjoy a fun experience on the river with friends and family. Let the currents take you, while you enjoy the view.

The Vaal River in Parys is an exciting white-water rafting destination. Embark on a day of river tubing and experience the thrill and challenges of conquering the rapids of the mighty Vaal River, or spend a weekend exploring the arts and crafts in Parys.

For the wild at heart the more challenging rapids of the Vaal awaits, offering a higher water flow.

Our Vaal Tubing, Includes: 1 mineral water as well as a once in a life time experience.
*1x mineral water per person
Bring an extra pair of dry clothes or towels for drying after the rafting, you can also bring sunscreen for during the rafting.
Wear any comfortable clothes that can get wet and suitable for rafting, preferably closed shoes or you can go bare feet.