The Vaya is a playful kayak specifically designed for kids. It is manoeuvrable and forgiving, with great secondary stability. The Vaya tracks well due to the central channel of the hull and two moulded skegs. The lightweight construction and 4 handles makes it easy to carry. Junior paddlers can jump on without any adjustments thanks to the moulded seat and footrests. The recessed gear deck on the stern allows young explorers to load treasures they might find. With the Vaya being a sealed unit, it is virtually unsinkable. 




LENGTH: 200 cm / 6’6”

WIDTH: 55 cm / 21.75”
WEIGHT: 10 kg / 22 lbs
CARRYING CAPACITY:  max 35 kg / 75 lbs


LENGTH: 200 cm / 6’6”
WIDTH: 60 cm / 23.75”
WEIGHT: 11 kg  / 24 lbs
CARRYING CAPACITY:  max 45 kg / 100 lbs


  • No protruding features that could entrap the paddler during capsize
  • Stern gear deck
  • Tracking channel
  • Moulded skegs
  • Moulded footrests
  • Moulded seat with non-slip surface
  • Self-bailing scupper holes with rubber plugs
  • 4 easy-carry handles
  • Drain plug


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