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No Pain, No Game

Get your heart pumping on our paintball maps.
Practice your aim, settle a family feud, or just have fun in the field.

This activity is a very popular activity under Bachelors or to sort out those small differences between family and friends.Paintball is challenging a fast-paced game. As few as 6 – 40 can play the game. This activity takes place at our Paintball Course at the R.E.A.L Adventures Base Camp. There are a variety of war games scenarios that can be played. The most popular ones are S.W.A.T and Capture the Flag.

– S.W.A.T
With this activity the groups will need to free as many hostages as possible without getting “killed”. The more hostages freed the stronger your team.

-Capture the Flag
Capture the flag is almost the same as our S.W.A.T. but you must get the flag from the opponents base without being “killed” and at the same time protect your flag.
– Qualified facilitators
– All gear such as the overalls, Face Mask, Combat Package, 120 paint balls per player (43 rounds of 40 balls per player per round) and CO2 refills.
(Extra balls can be purchased at our REAL Gear Shop in Parys or at the REAL Adventures Base Camp).
– Sunscreen
– Water
– Closed Shoes
– Closed shoes
– Comfortable clothes